Message from the Chairman

Dear business partners, valuable employees,

Started in 1975 at a small shop where the only support we had was the excitement and ambition to work, our business life today continues with our companies progressing with the aim of becoming the best of the sector it is involved.

We have never given up our priorities in professionalism, business ethics and quality production over the course of 43 years during which we believed that hard work was the key to success Within this period, we have not achieved random successes but rather the chances that only those with a determination to work could have. Today, the most important values, about which we tell our employees working in our companies each of which are managed by professionals, were formed by the truths shaped with our experiences.

And we told them, “Be honest, both in your working lives and personal lives. The same wind blows on us all. What makes the difference is the set of the sail.

We said, “Be professional, because the professionalism represents being fair in life and being fair is like a magic wand which glamourizes everything it touches

We also said, “Adopt the reliability as the most indestructible castle in your life; even if you have difficulties building the castle, no power can destroy you. We said, “Add value to every job you do and touch; the value will make you different.

And we finally said, “When you do all these things, you will definitely get a high-value output for the world, for yourself, for your family, your job, and for your customers.

As we progress with these truths for 43 years, our first focus has always been on human. To be able to manage it while working in an industrial environment enabled us to make an assessment about our course. Every employee who works, labours and puts added value has made us feel stronger. We always remembered to share the power and achievements. And we shared our happiness and sadness with each other.

While we turn towards our first focus, our customers have already started to see the benefits of the result achieved. With our solution-oriented customer approach in every field from the general manager to technician to sales team to logistics, we managed to band together with our customers in this period with our problem-solution approach, rather than with a buyer-seller relationship. While always paying attention to exist by sticking to the moral and ethical values that make up the basis of our business life, we continued to observe the rights of our employees and our customers by internalizing the concepts of integrity and honesty. Respecting the environment, the public and the law will remain as our basic principle today as it was yesterday.

Our point of view, which considers “getting nowhere” a loss of time, has led us to invest in human, R & D in product development processes and contemporary technology with a value added business concept. With the motto, “You get nowhere unless you catch up with the change”, we tried to research and develop what we do and what we aim to do. In this period, we always keep the doors open for change, transformation and development which are the first steps of great thinking, by accepting the contemporary technology as a means of developing our business.

In brief, we aim to build the future with a collective consciousness, with our values that we deem indispensable, with our motto Cooperation and Synergy”; and promise to provide our customers, employees, sector, society and the environment with an added value in the forthcoming period as we have done over the course of our 43-year journey.

I hereby extend my sincere thanks to all our customers, employees and business partners.

Best Regards,

Ali İhsan Yeşilova
Yeşilova Holding
Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı

Ali İhsan Yeşilova
Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı