What is a Wish Tree?

Wish Tree is a feedback and communication platform. All our stakeholders can communicate their messages about our companies to the Holding management via this platform. The wishes, complaints or suggestions shared in the Wish Tree are carefully reviewed when developing the processes of our companies, in order to increase the employee and customer satisfaction.

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Who Can Use?

Our customers, suppliers and employees who are associated with Yesilova Holding and the affiliates of the Holding can use the Wish Tree.


It is not necessary to share contact details when sharing any information via the Wish Tree. The participants who expect a feedback about the information they share are required to share their contact information. The confidentiality of the information shared by the participants who share their contact information is secured by Yesilova Holding.


Requests received via the Wish Tree are reviewed by Yesilova Holding Management on a monthly basis and the results of the review are notified via feedbacks.

Who Can Use?