Career Management

We support all our employees in accordance with their interests and skills; and aim at reaching the point together as they wish to get in the future, with our Career Management plans.

Recruitment Process

The basic principle at Yesilova Holding companies is based upon recruiting the right human resource for the right position. In addition to the education, technical knowledge and competencies required for the position, the common requirement sought in the applicants to be recruited is whether they have the personal characteristics in compliance with the values of Yesilova Holding.

For our open positions/vacancies are posted at our website or via and the shortlisted applicants are invited for an interview. The interview processed proceed as follows;


Performance Management


The most important purpose of performance management system applied at Yesilova Holding is to ensure that our employees are utilised as they improve their competencies at the highest level. In the performance management system, targets are set according to the strategies of Yesilova Holding. In line with these objectives, employees are measured at the end of the year for the targets they are expected to attain as well as for their competencies. Interim and end-of-year feedback meetings are held with the employees and the managers about the performance observed and the development plans are prepared in these meetings. These development plans are monitored throughout the year. The outputs of the performance process provide input to other critical human resources processes, such as training and development, skills management, wage management, etc.


Education and Development Management


In order to improve the professional and personal development of employees of Yesilova Holding while they fulfil their duties in an efficient and enjoyable way, training plans are made at all of our companies. The content of the trainings is shaped by the requirements of the position and the needs resulting from the performance assessments. The training plans created help our employees to improve their personal development, knowledge, skills and competencies and to reflect their achievements on the business results.


Skills Management


Skills Management system aims to reveal the talents of our employees and their areas of improvement and to prepare development plans to that end. With the regular Human Resources planning meetings, promotional and horizontal progression opportunities are determined based on the needs of the companies and the career development of the employees.




At Yesilova Holding, the remuneration system is mainly based on the level of education, experience and competencies of the person, along with the responsibility required by the duty and the level of difficulty.