Social Responsibility

A Concept of Social Responsibility at Yesilova.

We believe that contributing to the environmental and social needs of our country is a corporate necessity in the light of the culture and values we adopt organizationally. With the projects we carry out regularly, we consider it as our primary objective to pay back to the nature and to contribute to the society to which we belong.

Yesilova <br>Forest


Yesilova Holding is aware of the fact that the outstanding balance existing in the nature took billions of years but it is destroyed so quickly by human being. Acting with this awareness, Yesilova Holding does not allow any waste that can harm the nature to be released into nature, as it takes all necessary treatment measures at all of its manufacturing plants.

In our joint project we carry out with our stakeholders, we build a Yesilova Forest in Bursa. With the participation of the employees from all Holding companies, we regularly organize a tree planting ceremony every year, using the seedlings produced at Can Aluminyum in an effort to raise funds for the forestation project. You too can contribute to the protection of nature, every time you purchase from  Aluminium.

University Scholarships

“Young generation is the future of both our companies and our country.” The level of welfare in developed countries is directly proportional to the success of the companies they possess. And the success of the companies relies on the qualified human resources they have. The synergy created by educated workforce is one of the most important factors in creating added value. Acting with this awareness, Yesilova Holding offers educational support scholarships to the successful children of the company employees, who study at the universities.

Industrial <br>Design Competition

Design Competition

Yesilova Holding organizes industrial design competitions, mostly about aluminium, for the development of new products that could meet a need in daily life. These competitions can be organized at different platforms and for different audience depending on its content. Regular update on the competitions will be released on this page.