A “Can” Story

The career of Ali Ihsan Yesilova who were ambitious of learning, working and entrepreneurship, which begins as an apprentice at the car body shop of his father back in his school years, is the story of rising on the ground of dreams, determination and honesty…

“Success loves not the coincidence but rather those who make effort and work hard.”

Attending the Business Sciences Academy following the high school education, Ali Ihsan Yesilova began to work at aluminium sales shop owned by Zeki Can while he continued his studies. When Zeki Can decided to hand over his business with the increasing age, the career life of Ali Ihsan who invested all his assets into this business got started in this way. After that day, the wind of Yesilova begins to blow in Bursa business world and aluminium sector.

  • 1975

    Can Aluminium begins its business life…

    Founded to carry on aluminium business, which then became one of the long-established organisations as the very first rising star in Bursa, Can Aluminium begins the sale of all types of aluminium shapes, plates, accessories and composite panels.

  • 1988

    Taking the chances properly sheds a light into the sector…

    Determined to expand his business, Ali Ihsan Yesilova meets by chance the Purchasing Director of an automobile company during his small-scale joinery works he operates through his own means, and thereafter the manufacturing of aluminium parts is crowned upon the foundation of Canel Automotive.

  • 1990

    Grumpy landlord makes the tenant buy own house…

    While the disruptions experienced during the supply of aluminium reveal a need of the sector, it becomes a necessity for Yesilova as well which set its heart on aluminium, to manufacture aluminium shapes. This necessity allows Cansan Aluminium to enter the industrial sector.

  • 1993

    Can Metal Begins Casting…

    Setting the bar of quality high by meeting its needs through its own means, Yesilova begins to manufacture aluminium cast parts under the name of Can Metal. The company which previously manufactured for its own companies continued to do business by carrying out 70% of its production for various sector.

  • 2002

    R&D Centre

    Always investing in development, change and its technological infrastructure, Yesilova started to manufacture the works that will shape the future with its R & D Centre.

  • 2017

    Growing stronger with different sector…

    Yesilova enters the tourism sector as it converts the property of Can Aluminium in Bursa City Square into a high-standard hotel building and introduces it to Bursa with the name of Holiday Inn City Centre.

  • 2018

    Hi to rail system…

    Yesilova delivers its value added products in this sector as well, by means of Canray Ulasim which manufactures train roofs, luggage racks and trailer tailgates in an effort to carry out aluminium rail system applications.

  • 2018

    We are in Germany now

    Cansan Aluminum Profil GmbH in North Rhine-Westphalia -Düsseldorf -Germany, offers solutions with Aluminium Profile systems for the most diverse sectors such as automotive industry, solar energy systems, railway systems, mechanical engineering and construction.

“We shape the future with our employees, our products and our dreams.”